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Do CBD Bath Salts Live up to the Hype?

Almost every skincare, food, and medicine range has the involvement of CBD products. From CBD skincare products to CBD beverages, almost everything is already in stores like Discover CBD. With the increasing demand and benefits of the CBD products, bathing products also need to be revolutionized. Apart from the apparent cleaning purpose, CBD bath salts […]

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The risk of false labeling in the CBD industry

CBD medications are no doubt changing the face of herbal and pharmaceutical medicine cultivation and production. CBD medications show unparalleled promise as an effective treatment for eating disorders, nausea, seizure control, chronic pain relief, possibly even treating depression and anxiety. However, as the CBD market grows, consumers are becoming more and more skeptical about the […]


Colorado grows annual CBD sales to $1 Billion

When did recreational use in Colorado start? Cannabis or marijuana is still a Schedule 1 Drug and therefore illegal at the federal level. However, many states have decriminalized marijuana and have allowed for cultivation, sale, and consumption based on certain regulatory criteria. On January1, 2014 Colorado became the first state in the Union to legalize […]


CBD Edibles Recipes

How do you cook with weed? The CBD edibles possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. Truly, any recipe that includes the base cannaoil can be THC or CBD edibles. So, think of all of the foods that you eat on a regular basis that either includes or is cooked in oil or butter. […]

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Will CBD help with allergies and their symptoms?

Nowadays, CBD has been used for a wide number of things. You can use it for various actions. CBD has several uses and multiple assistance. You can use CBD for depression, stress, and allergies as well. CBD has been a great ingredient to add to your routine. It can make your lifestyle a lot better […]