CBD Edibles


CBD EdiblesCBD edibles are food items that contain cannabidiol, a substance derived from industrial hemp or marijuana. Keep in mind that such edibles do not contain THC, which is the substance in marijuana that causes feelings of euphoria. CBD is found in many different food products today, including chocolate edibles, beverages, and many other forms.

Edibles that contain marijuana have been around for many decades. Brownies are a popular form of edible that contains marijuana, but the truth is that many different types of edible products are well-suited for the inclusion of marijuana or CBD oil.

You can find many different types of edibles that range from chocolate, cookies, candies, and even popcorn. The same is true for marijuana edibles that do contain THC. This means that you have your choice in terms of which one is best for you. Although it should be noted that marijuana edibles are only available in states that have approved the recreational use of cannabis. While CBD edibles are more widely available because of fewer restrictions.

What follows are a few facts about CBD edibles that will help you determine if they are right for your needs. You will need to understand its effects, if they are right for you, and whether you should purchase several and store them or just a few at a time. Plus, a few tips on how to keep them stored properly.

Who Can Purchase Edibles?

Anyone who meets the legal age requirements as per the state. For marijuana edibles in Colorado, the age is 21. CBD edibles are generally different because they do not contain THC, but each state has its own regulations that determine the minimum age of purchase.

CBD EdiblesHow to Store Edibles

You should store them the same way whether they contain CBD or not. As an additive, CBD is no more vulnerable to the heat, cold, or humidity than the edible which contains it. This means that you should store non-perishables at room temperature and perishable food in a refrigerator or freezer. So, a chocolate edible should probably be stored in a refrigerator. Unless it is a hard candy which makes it more resistant the heat.

Is There a Recommended Dosage?

Generally speaking, CBD edibles can be consumed at higher dosages compared to marijuana edibles that contain THC. For the latter, in Colorado an edible does of marijuana is 10 milligrams. CBD may be higher, although the recommendations vary depending on the tolerance.

Are Edibles Dangerous?

CBD edibles are not dangerous, although as with any product you should not over consume them. Eat an edible or two a day and you are fine. Marijuana edibles are different in that eating too much may cause a reaction. If someone has consumed too many marijuana edibles, you may want to call for help.

CBD edibles, such as chocolate edibles and the like are safe for most people to use. Be aware of your employer’s rules and regulations governing the discovery of CBD in your system. Plus, keep in mind that marijuana edibles fall under different restrictions and are far more limited in terms of where they are available.